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How It Works



Create an account through the nextbike app, over the phone, or online.


Take a ride from one of our 100+ stations all over the Burgh.


Return your bike to any station. Slide the cable lock through the front fork and press the green button to return.



Download nextbike

Register, rent, manage your account, check bike availability, and more all on your smart phone.


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Pay As You Go
$2/30 mins
Ideal for visitors and occasional rides
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Unlimited 30-minute rides
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Unlmited 60-minute rides
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110+ stations. 650 bikes.



Winter Station Hibernation

13 stations will be temporarily removed for the winter. Learn more.


Explore Pittsburgh



Check out more recommended rides for seeing the best of Pittsburgh.




  • Get to Public Parks and Trails with Healthy Ride

    We’ve created a map of Healthy Ride stations that are located close to public parks and trails.

  • a map of healthy ride stations near essential locations

    Get to Essential Locations with Healthy Ride

    We’ve created a map of Healthy Ride stations that are located close to essential locations like hospitals, pharmacies, and groceries.

  • Meet the Staff: Sara

    “There is no typical day at Healthy Ride.” Meet our Director of Operations!

  • a person doing a ballet pose with a Healthy Ride

    Rider Profile: Gracie Jean J.

    “I use Healthy Ride’s bike share program multiple times a day and it has changed my life.”

  • A person in a bright yellow jacket posing with a Healthy Ride

    Rider Profile: Mike K.

    “It is a gym membership that I use on a regular basis that is also transportation.”

  • a person riding a Healthy Ride in a bike lane in Oakland in winter

    Rider Profile: Liam H.

    “It gives me freedom to comfortably and quickly get around the city.”

  • 3 Valentine’s Day Rides

    We’re here to sweeten the deal this Valentine’s Day.

  • a podium of top rider trophies next to a graph of increasing rides

    We Broke Records in 2019!

    2019 was a great year for Healthy Ride!

  • Give a Little, Gain a Lot: Year End Fundraiser

    Help us reach our $10,000 goal, and receive a gift!

  • Rider Profile: Kim S.

    Read about how Kim uses Healthy Ride!

  • Rider Profile: Tara M.

    Read about how Tara uses Healthy Ride!

  • Spooky Festivities this Halloween Season

    We’ve got three chances for you to win spooky prizes!

  • Rider Profile: Nikki R.

    Read about how Nikki uses Healthy Ride!

  • Celebrating Women’s Bike Month

    Learn about the incredible women and non-binary people who make the Healthy Ride program roll in Pittsburgh.

  • Rider Profile: Kris C.

    Meet our new Community Initiatives Manager!

  • September Events Roundup

    Fall is just around the corner, so catch these end-of-summer events while you can!

  • Rider Profile: Jay W.

    Read about how Jay uses Healthy Ride!

  • Rider Profile: Tameka

    Read about how Tameka uses Healthy Ride!

  • Rider Profile: Molly K.

    Read about how Molly uses Healthy Ride!

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