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Over the past three years, our Community Ambassadors have worked to connect communities of color and low-income communities with Healthy Ride’s bike-sharing system, gathering valuable feedback from community members along the way.



In the Community Ambassadors inaugural year, a team of 6 Ambassadors in 3 neighborhoods helped bring 4 new stations to the neighborhoods of Homewood and Larimer, hosted 24 group rides, and attended 21 community events.



With support from the Better Bike Share Partnership, Healthy Ride Community Ambassadors have been directly connecting with Pittsburgh neighborhoods and communities since 2018.


2018 Recap

  • ConnectCard Partnership – provided free, unlimited 15-minute bike trips for all transit card holders
    • Fun Fact: this partnership is the first of its kind in the US!
    • Stats: 24% of Healthy Ride all trips in 2018 were taken by ConnectCard riders



  • Community Annual Memberships – free Annual Membership for low-income housing and Food Bank recipients
    • Stats: 100 Memberships distributed in 2018, 400 Memberships successfully fundraised for 2019, 7 Education + Outreach Events

2019 Recap

  • Hosted our first Lead Ambassador responsible for assisting a team of 5 Community Ambassadors in implementing their group rides and outreach efforts


  • Introduced 300+ New Riders in 5 Communities to Healthy Ride’s bike share system


  • Hosted 40+ Rides and Events throughout the City of Pittsburgh


  • Achieved 79,660+ impressions and 2,400 engagements on social media

2020 Recap

  • This was the first year that the program extended to included 501(c)3 nonprofits. 2020’s cohort included 1 Lead Ambassador, 2 individual Ambassadors, and 3 nonprofit Ambassadors.


  • COVID-19 – due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ambassadors did not advertise public group rides in the interest of safety.


  • Ambassadors created 20 “virtual” rides using the app Ride Spot that included routes all over the City for various experience levels.


  • The Ambassadors partnered with the City of Pittsburgh and Bike Pittsburgh to support the implementation of the City’s Bike(+) Plan and the Move Forward PGH campaign. This is the first partnership of its kind and ultimately aims to create a safe, connected network of safe streets for people on bikes. 

Want to hear more about what our Ambassadors are up to? Have feedback on ways to improve your community’s transportation opportunities? Interested in becoming a future Community Ambassador?

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