October 26, 2015

The Numbers Are In!

We are thrilled to announce that we have made our data public.  Our anonymous ridership data can be accessed via our Data Page and we will update you with more data every quarter.  Bike share data has been used around the world to visualize ridership, advocate for better bike infrastructure, analyze station placement and optimization of station placement and station demand. It is our hope that our ridership data from June, July and August will not only be useful for Healthy Ride, but can also for projects surrounding larger bicycling and pedestrian issues and questions.

Other bike share systems in the US display their data similarly, including Chicago’s Divvy, New York’s Citi Bike and San Francisco’s Bay Area Bike Share.  As more and more data becomes available from more and more systems, we can create a much larger understanding of bike share’s presence in our cities and what that means for Pittsburgh as a city in this community of bike-sharing systems.

So put on your analytical thinking caps and check it out!  We’d love to hear about and collaborate on any projects that are produced from our data.

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