November 12, 2015

Visualizing the Q3 Data

Let’s see where you’ve moved during July, August and September!Our friends over at the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC) had a bit of fun with our data!  Over two weeks ago we released our data to the public and it’s been taken up in some fascinating ways. The SPC created several visualizations that show the most popular trips people take based on rental and return stations, the most popular stations, Septembers ridership as seen through weather patterns (look at all those sunny days!), and even overlapping ridership with the local terrain.

While the numbers can often speak for themselves, data visualizations help quickly show how Pittsburgh moves via the Healthy Ride system. They display the vast connections made throughout the city. The Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission is the cooperative forum for regional collaboration, planning, and public decision-making. We hope the SPC and other partners and interested parties continue to apply this data so that it is useful for not just us here at Pittsburgh Bike Share, but for Pittsburgh at large!

Let us know your ideas for our data via twitter, Facebook, or email [email protected]

-The Pittsburgh Bike Share Team

SPC Sept Weather

SPC TerrainSPC AerialWant a closer look? Check out the PDF’s:  SPC Trips & Terrain &  SPC Station & Ride Count

*Developed by the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission’s GIS team and presented at the November 5, 2015, CommuteInfo Regional Partners’ meeting.

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