January 4, 2016

Super User: Sean W.

After an incredible year of introducing Healthy Ride to the city of Pittsburgh, we decided to reach out to some of our most frequent riders to hear more about their experience, what they’re using the system for, their favorite things about Healthy Ride, and of course, what we can do to improve.

I love Healthy Ride, it saves me a ton of money on parking, and helps me get some exercise in daily.

The first “Super User” we connected with was Sean W. who graciously gave us his time to talk about the program.

Sean lives outside the city and commutes to downtown 5 days a week. He heard about bike share from a co-worker and started using Healthy Ride shortly after the system’s soft-launch on May 31st. Since then he’s referred family and friends to Healthy Ride as a convenient and affordable way to get around town. Despite Sean’s quick adoption of commuting by bicycle on a daily basis, he’s not a “traditional” cyclist, “I haven’t owned a bike in 5 or 6 years” he said.

Sean is what we’d call a multi-modal commuter, while he uses his car to get him into the city, once he’s here, Sean utilizes bike share to travel between the Strip District and Downtown, saving time and money by commuting by bicycle. As a Standard Monthly Member, Sean said he saves hundreds of dollars every month by avoiding parking downtown. When we asked him what his favorite thing is about the system, he said that he appreciates that the Healthy Ride staff keeps stations well stocked so that there is always a bike available for him, but primarily, he enjoys the convenience and affordability of the system.

Thanks, Sean!

–The Pittsburgh Bike Share Team

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