January 27, 2016

Super User: Zac E.

After an incredible year of introducing Healthy Ride to the city of Pittsburgh, we decided to reach out to some of our most frequent riders to hear more about their experience, what they’re using the system for, their favorite things about Healthy Ride, and of course, what we can do to improve.

Without Healthy Ride I would have thought about [biking], but I wouldn’t have been willing to shell out the money on a bike. It got me into bike riding.

Zac started using Healthy Ride when he moved off-campus his second year at Pitt. Moving off campus, he worried about how long it would take him to walk to class everyday, but he admittedly didn’t think about it too much. And luckily, a station appeared right near his new residence. “My friends talked about wanting to use it, so we rode down to the South Side on a Saturday,” he said. After Zac tried it out, he began using the system regularly to get to and from class and realized that biking significantly cut down his commute time. “Sometimes I rent 6-7 bikes a day,” which is undoubtedly how he became one of our most frequent users.

While Zac mentioned that he was hesitant to ride the streets of Oakland at first, he warmed up to it using primarily roads with bike lanes for the first few weeks. But he still wishes there were more bike lanes. While Zac entertained the idea of biking in the city pre-Healthy Ride, he said he wouldn’t have gone through the hassle of bringing his own bike from home or investing in a new one because he was unsure how much he’d use it. Zac says that he likes the convenience of the system; “It’s nice because you’re not tied to a bike. If you bike to class, there’s nothing preventing you from not taking a bike home.”

Thanks, Zac!

–The Pittsburgh Bike Share Team

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