January 29, 2016

Super User: Taryn C.

After an incredible year of introducing Healthy Ride to the city of Pittsburgh, we decided to reach out to some of our riders to hear more about their experience, what they’re using the system for, their favorite things about Healthy Ride, and of course, what we can do to improve.

It cuts 20 minutes off my walk.

We had the pleasure of meeting with Taryn this week to talk about bike share in Pittsburgh. Taryn rides regularly when it’s a bit warmer out and takes Healthy Ride because “it’s easy, convenient and cheap.” As someone new to riding in the city, Taryn said: “I don’t want to pay for my own bike, and [Healthy Ride] is a good solution.” She also mentioned that Healthy Ride cuts out the need to maintain her own bike, making it an attractive mode of commuting to and from Downtown Pittsburgh.

Living in the North Side, Taryn commutes to work Downtown everyday. Like so many of us, having a car Downtown is not an attractive option given the high price of parking. Furthermore, “When it’s nice outside, sometimes you just don’t want to take the T. It’s nicer to take the bikes,” she said. While Healthy Ride is a convenient option for her daily commute, Taryn would like to see a better connection to Polish Hill as she still braves the long walk frequently.

Taryn’s Pro Tip: “Get the app first.” The app can save you time during registration, it shows you a map of all of the stations and you can rent bikes with it.

Thanks, Taryn!

–The Pittsburgh Bike Share Team

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