April 11, 2016

Novice Rider: Blunch Ride

What do you do on your lunch break? Before I started at the Pittsburgh Bike Share, lunch breaks consisted of sitting in a windowless room for 45 minutes with some microwaved left-overs. Even worse, sometimes I would eat at my desk – totaling eight straight hours with my eyes glued to the same glowing box… sound familiar?

My new favorite thing to do for my lunch break is taking a bike ride. I wanted to call them “Runches” aka ride-lunches. But then I thought maybe “Lides” aka lunch-rides, but that didn’t hit the ear right. So how about Blunching? Bike Lunching! Perfect.

Another mid-pedaling photo.

This past Thursday I met up with an old co-worker downtown for a Blunch. She met me at the 3rd and Wood St. Healthy Ride Station decked out in workout gear. I on the other hand didn’t think to change out of my button up, bow-tie and blazer, which is fine. People deal with their sweat differently. *Thumbs up*

Tracked with Strava app.

We biked over the Smithfield bridge and down to the South Side trail. [Samone-Tip: Cross the Smithfield bridge from the Station Square side. This way you can easily loop under the bridge through the Station Square entrance. This will bring you right to the trail.] We parked our bikes at the 18th St. & Sidney St. station to stop at Delanie’s, one of my favorite South Side cafes, for a quick lunch of Spring Pasta (if you’re into delicious feta pesto sun-dried tomato goodness, you should try it). After lunch, we picked up new bikes and road all the way to the Hot Metal Bridge and down the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. Here’s another noteworthy view of Pittsburgh and Rachel’s Biking smile. Enjoy.

One of the best views of the city – Hot Metal Bridge

The whole ride only took 45 minutes, plus snack time! Best of all, we got our blood flowing and it fueled us for the rest of the day. A good ol’ Blunch really is better than a cup of coffee to get you through the 2 o’clock slump. I know my brain appreciated the time away from a computer and my other muscles got some much needed attention too. If you need a brain-break, try a Blunch!

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