May 6, 2016

Novice Rider: Date Night Bike Ride

I’ve taken you on a staff ride, a blunch ride, and a rollercoaster ride, so I think it’s time I take you out for a Date Night Ride. If you’ve never been on a Date Night Bike Ride before, it’s time to give your Tinder friend a call and get out there.


Megan, my cutie-patootie partner, and I started in Bloomfield for a casual ride down to the edge of Oakland. We dropped our bikes off at Ellsworth Ave & N Neville St then walked down to Sushi Fuku and ate picnic-style by Carnegie Library. Our post-dinner plan was to get to South Side Works for a movie via Junction Hollow Trail and the Hot Metal Bridge. The most direct route meant taking the steep downhill cobblestone road that is Joncaire Street. SWEET MOTHER OF PEARL! To avoid bouncing the be-jeezus out of ourselves, we pulled off to the side and slowly took the sidewalk down. Luckily Megan has a good sense of humor, which made the awkward trek a charming little adventure.


Just as we hit the entrance to the Junction Hollow Trail, it started to rain….

Riding in the rain isn’t ideal, but it didn’t “dampen” the mood. The sun was still shining and we were riding a park trail in the middle of Pittsburgh with deer and groundhogs running around. I’m pretty sure we hit Nicholas Sparks level romance. We carried on following the trail signs to the Hot Metal Bridge and returned our bikes to the South Side Works Station. After checking out REI and Over the Bar (OTB) for some post-dinner appetizers, we saw the Jungle Book.

P.S. If you’re a Healthy Ride monthly member, you’ll get half-off apps at OTB on Wednesdays for you and your date.

P.P.S – the Jungle Book was incredible!

Samone-tip: If you want to have a romantic biking evening, do not, I repeat DO NOT eat Chipotle. Trying to bike any distance with a spicy sofrita burrito in your belly is neither comfortable or charming. I learned that lesson the hard way. On your Date Night Bike Ride, choose a light dinner. Go for sushi, fro-yo, or just sammiches.

The best part of taking Healthy Ride bikes for date night is that we didn’t have to bike back UP the hill late at night, instead we left the bikes at the station and called an Uber home. Biking adds a touch of adventure to an otherwise normal date, and honestly, who doesn’t look cool on a bike!?


Where do you go on dates? Got a suggested route? Let me know! I would love to try out your favorite ride. Contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

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