May 19, 2016

Not-So-Novice Rider Group Ride

I organized and led my first group ride!! Wooh! I invited about 55 people, which was perfect because only six confirmed and three showed up. Honestly, this is probably classified as a get-together rather than a group ride – BUT STILL. The route was a relaxing combination of street and trail riding perfect for a Saturday cruise through the ‘Burgh with a few friends.


We met at Espresso A Mano, one of my favorite Lawrenceville coffee shops, conveniently located across the street from the Healthy Ride Station at Butler and 37th. Three of us rented bikes, and I gave them a super quick debrief about group rider safety. The four of us hopped onto Butler and made our way to Penn Ave. As we hit the Strip District, my buddies started raving about how comfortable they were riding on the streets with a group. It reminded me of my first group ride. :’)

Screenshot_20160512-144159We made our way to the Convention Center and cut down through the waterfall pathway. Add this passage to your Date Night Bike Ride, because it’s arguably the most romantic path in Pittsburgh. You’ll ride down a cool windy passage surrounded by falling water which opens at the Three Rivers Heritage trail, the Allegheny River, and a view of the sister bridges. *SWOON*

We then biked to to Point State Park to cool our feet off in the fountain and chat for a bit. When we were good and ready we strolled over the Fort Pitt bridge and down the North Shore trail to Washington’s Landing. On our way back, we hopped on the 31st Bridge and back down Butler.

Tip: Want to organize your own group ride? Check back with us this June for a group ride training with BikePGH’s Julie Mallis. Until then, plan your own small get-together with a few friends. It’s easy, just pick a route and ride.

This ride lead to the most leisurely yet active Saturday I’ve had in awhile (other than my weekend power-naps). We didn’t have to go fast or have a particular destination – we just enjoyed the day. I can’t thank Catlyn, Aly and Jocelyn enough for joining the bike ride. We’ll go again soon!


Heads up: May 20th is Bike to Work DAY, and I’m turning in my car keys all WEEK long and committing to commuterism (Is that a word?). What commuter tips do you have? Tweet them with #TakeHealthyRide and they may be included in the next post.

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