July 28, 2016

Shift How you Get There: Ralston J.

Ralston J. is a resident of Downtown. You can see him riding down Penn Avenue, turning on 10th Street, and running errands on Butler Street. He’s always on the move, but where is he really going?

At Healthy Ride, we see hundreds of riders like Ralston. We know where he started and where his trip ended, but what would happen if we strapped on a helmet, hopped on a Healthy Ride, and pedaled Ralston’s route?

As it turns out, we’d be in for a pretty insightful ride.  Ralston is a festival-going lawyer in his 60s, whose love of Greek food and fresh markets draw him from Oakland to Panther Hollow all the way to the Strip District. He owns his own bike, but hops on Healthy Ride to simplify his day. Because who wants to bother parking and locking when you can just pick up another bike? Not Ralston. In his 3 months as a Monthly Member (happy anniversary!), he has taken 34 bike trips, many in the company of a bike sharing friend.

More than anything, Ralston rides a Healthy Ride to get things done. So don’t try following him up Bates Street. Spoiler: he will leave you in the dust.

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