August 22, 2016

Cycle to the Moon

Did you know it’s 238,900 miles to the moon? What if we could get you there in just 32 miles?

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In partnership with Pittsburgh’s Bicentennial, we’re hosting our first-ever cycling challenge during Pittsburgh’s Bike Fest. We’re challenging riders to bike to all 50 stations in the bike share system, though there are also 25 and 10 station routes to choose from. And since we’re asking all of you to do it, the Healthy Ride team decided that we should do it too.

We closed the office on a Friday morning, and 10 of us headed out through Lawrenceville to start our journey. We climbed through the Allegheny Cemetery, rode the Liberty Avenue bike lane, traveled through the side streets of Friendship, mazed through the East End into Oakland, and descended into the Southside.


After visiting 30 of our stations, we dropped by Over the Bar for some lunch. In case you didn’t know, Healthy Ride is now on the menu! But this is where we lost many of our riders – not to the dangerously delicious beer selection, but to the dreaded reality of time. While half of our team returned to the office and faced the reality of work, the other half of our crew continued on to climb Centre Avenue into the Hill District, navigate Downtown alleyways and cobblestone streets, ride the Roberto Clemente bike lane over through the North Side, and crossing back over the river to see the remaining stations in the Strip District.

We had a blast on our trip to the Moon. Oh yeah, did I mention that every participant’s name and photo will be sent to the moon in Pittsburgh’s Bicentennial time capsule!? Just look at these beautiful, exhausted, accomplished faces that will be forever documented on the surface of the moon…

Sara Kahlil - 50 Stations
Sara Kahlil - 50 Stations
Nima Pourahmady - 10 Stations
Nima Pourahmady - 10 Stations
Anthony Oxendi - 50 Stations
Anthony Oxendi - 50 Stations


Want to do your own Cycle to the Moon ride? You have one week to complete your journey. Cycle to the Moon any day during Pittsburgh’s Bike Fest from August 20-28, 2016. You’ll have the opportunity to claim your winnings and free pizza on Monday, August 29th from 6-8pm at The Vandal where we’ll celebrate all the Bike Share Challenge winners.

Participating in this challenge is FREE. Simply sign up here and we’ll send you a voucher for a free 24hr pass. For rules and deets click here.

Choose Your Mission:

For those who can’t make the 32-mile ride to all 50 stations, we’ve designed 25-station and 10-station routes, or “constellations”, as alternative options. Click a constellation to view the route, then sign up here!

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Map Drafts.200.small-07 
Map Drafts.200.small-06 
Map Drafts.200.small-08
Map Drafts.200.small-09


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