September 1, 2016

Shift How You Get There: Lisa G.

Every month we reach out to one of our riders and ask them to take us for a spin. We want to hear where they take Healthy Ride and what bike share enables them to do. If you’d like to share your story with us, just send us an email at [email protected]

Lisa G. hadn’t ridden a bike since 1981, or as her daughter gently chides, for her entire 31 years on earth. But as of July 2016, the mother-daughter pair starts every Sunday with a Healthy Ride on the Eliza Furnace trail.  They meet downtown at the 1st & B Street station (Lisa lives in the Hill District, her daughter in Brookline), and they pedal until hunger takes over. It’s part of what they call the three B’s: biking, brunch, and the summer breeze.  I think many of us can agree that pancakes just taste better when you’ve worked for them.

Lisa claims she hasn’t gotten the hang of two-wheeled transport quite yet. But as we set out for our ride, after teetering for a moment, she pedaled ahead of the group and remained out front until we reached the Birmingham Bridge. “I just get completely lost. I forget about work, about my stress and worries. It’s so peaceful, and I just feel free.” We rode 4 miles, a full 1.5 miles more than her ride last Sunday. “I just feel like I could ride forever,” she said. “ Well,” chips in her daughter, “At least until brunch time.”

The two women aren’t sure where they’ll ride next, but they know they’ll get there by Healthy Ride. “It’s just so easy, and convenient! I love these bikes.” As they roll off into the morning sun,  Lisa wobbles again and laughs. She’ll get it. She’s a biker now.    

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