September 19, 2016

Shift How You Get There: Donna G.

Donna G. has been on a bike since she could walk, which is almost as long as she has lived in the Northside. She’s pedaled from childhood through law school all the way into retirement. It’s no surprise that Donna and her husband Jerry are long-time bicycle advocates, staunch members of their bike-ped committee (Donna always wears her Bike Northside shirt if it’s clean), and venerated leaders of a weekly Allegheny East ride. Their personal fleet includes a tandem bike, a recumbent bike, and the bike Donna has been riding since the 1970s.

So we had to ask: with all the two-wheeled machines a woman could want, why does Donna take Healthy Ride? “They’re so convenient! If you have errands to run, you can just drop them off and pick them back up. You can pay your water bill, then grab lunch, then pick up your groceries, all without bothering to lock up your bike.” Donna and Jerry use all four of the Northside stations, and they can be found inflating the bikes’ tires just to ensure everyone has a smooth ride. “It’s for any age, any speed, any time of the day. I just love riding.”

Donna took us on a ride in her own Mexican War Streets neighborhood, and she waved to at least 4 families along the way. She’s proud to pedal through her streets, and can’t help but showcase its historic landmarks. “Riding through the Northside is like riding through the park,” she says. “There are stone buildings, gardens, fountains. And you feel so independent, detached from the city life.”    

While Donna can use her own bike, she chooses Healthy Ride for her neighborhood errands. She’s one of the system’s most vocal advocates, and wants everyone in the Northside to enjoy two wheeled transport. “I’m not tired after living here for almost 40 years, and I wouldn’t live anywhere else.”

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