November 28, 2016

Winter Weather Riding: Tips & Tricks

Unlike last year, it looks like it’s getting cold and staying cold for the season. Even without our 80 degree December days, Healthy Ride will still keep rolling! While we’ll reduce the number of bikes in the fleet due to the natural decrease in ridership Healthy Ride will continue to roll through the winter. You may even want to trade your bike for a Healthy Ride this winter as our bikes are uniquely equipped to handle winter road conditions. Here are your Winter Weather Riding Tips and Special Features:

Winter Weather Features

Thick Tires: You may have noticed, but Healthy Ride’s tires are larger than standard bikes. This means they’ll give you better traction and help you push your way through slushy roads.

Fenders:  Speaking of slush, the fenders covering the tires will keep you from snow and rain backsplash. No one likes going to work with a splattering of snow and road dirt up their backside.

Visibility: Lights are mounted on both the back and front of our bikes. This will keep you visible all season long, even when it gets dark at 4:54pm.

Internal Gears: Healthy Rides’ gears are hidden internally so they won’t succumb to damage from snow and ice like your average bike.


Winter Weather Riding Tips

Dress to Stay Warm and Dry: Bring a pair of gloves, wear warm, thick socks, put on a thin knit hat under your helmet to keep your ears and head warm, and bring an extra layer to ensure your core stays warm on your ride.

Be Safe – Know Your Limits: You should be comfortable when you’re riding. Bring the right gear to stay safe and warm. If you’re not comfortable riding in the snow or rain, use a different method of transportation that day like a bus or car share.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road: Pay attention to what’s out in front of you. Look out for wet leaves, patches of ice, or packed snow. Know that it’s safest to ride straight through these obstacles if you encounter them; don’t make any sudden turns.

Be Visible: The high-visibility lights on the front and rear of every bike are designed to attract attention and make sure you’re seen. But in these darker months it never hurts to add a high-vis layer to your wardrobe. Think about wearing bright colors while you ride to increase your visibility on the road.

Hydrate: Winter isn’t just cold, it’s dry. Be sure to stay hydrated.

Keep us informed about your own tips and tricks by posting with the hashtag #TakeHealthyRide. For more safety tips visit our Ride Safe Tips.

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