December 26, 2016

Top 6 Reasons to be a Healthy Ride Annual Member

So what’s stopping you? Too scared to commit? Not sure if you’ll get enough use out of it?
Shed your hesitations. Now is the time. Jump in head first. Make the commitment. Go ahead….
It’s time to get your ANNUAL pass to Pittsburgh’s bike sharing system. Here’s why:


Annual Memberships are available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. With an Annual Membership you’ll get 15% off on Pittsburgh’s most affordable transit system – that’s 2 months FREE, or just $10 a month for unlimited 30 minutes trips. Whatever way you look at it, the savings are just the beginning.


Healthy Ride members don’t have to spend their time and money at expensive gyms. With a membership your daily commute becomes your workout, except instead of 60 minutes on a soul-crushing treadmill, you get to enjoy cruising up and down Pittsburgh’s streets. Get to work, go out to dinner, or grab a coffee with friends all while checking off that “workout” box from your to-do list. You were going there anyway – just get there by bike!


With the Membership Card, Annual Members also enjoy special discounts at local restaurants and businesses such as OTB Bicycle Cafe, Attack Theatre, BikePGH, and Kayak Pittsburgh. #PerksOfMembership are always growing, and 2017 will offer some exciting new businesses to the list.


Upgrading from Pay-As-You-Go or Monthly Membership to an Annual Pass means not worrying about paying for each separate trip you take or pending monthly payments. Thousands of Monthly Members are already enjoying the freedom to take as many 30 or 60 minute rides they like each month and our Annual Members enjoy another level of convenience. Now you can purchase your year’s worth of bike share at a discount and with NO MONTHLY BILL.


Did you know Pittsburgh Bike Share is a non-profit? We are! We run off the feel goods and appreciation of this fine town (and some rather generous contributions for our foundation community, state, local, and federal grants). Getting your Annual Pass means you’re helping to support a non-profit working to create sustainable, convenient, affordable active transit here in Pittsburgh. Awww, wouldn’t that make you feel warm and fuzzy?


If you’re not already registered, simply create an account and select either the Standard Annual Membership (unlimited 30-minute rides) for $120 or the Deluxe Annual Membership (unlimited 60-minute rides) for $200. If you already have an account, simply log-in and select your membership of choice to upgrade.

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