March 13, 2017

10 Helpful Healthy Ride Hacks

Healthy Ride is already one of the most affordable bike share systems in the country, but we’re always working to make it even more convenient. For those of you that ride everyday, these may not be news to you. But for others who are just getting started or don’t ride very often, we put together some of the Healthy Ride pro tips to improve your ride and get you where you’re going even faster:

Download the app. Seriously. Just do it. You can easily check your your rental history, update your account information, rent bikes, use the interactive map and report necessary maintenance. The “nextbike” mobile app is available for iPhone and Android devices.

Want to ride for free? Visit our table at the numerous Pittsburgh events we attend. We’re usually passing out free-ride vouchers like they’re candy.

Ride with friends – on one account. Do you know that you can rent up to FOUR bikes on ONE account. Get more time to ride when you make one account then get going.

Grab a seat. Adjust your seat before you rent. Not only will you save time on your rental, but you’ll be sure that you can properly adjust your seat to where you need it. We recommend aligning the seat at the top of your hip bone. Your leg should almost fully extend when you pedal for ultimate pedaling power.

One way trip. Have you ever ridden some place then had to worry about getting your bike back home, or lugging it around with your bike-less friends. Take a Healthy Ride and you won’t have to worry about it. Drop the bike off at a station and go about your day.

Stay Updated. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get all of the latest news and announcements. You’ll be the first to know about free ride days, station closures, membership discounts, weather alerts and contests. 

Quick Stops are OK. Need to run into Klavon’s for some Ice Cream but don’t want to leave your bikes unattended or walk the 7 blocks from the nearest station? Lock the bike to itself with the cable lock. When you’re done just type in your 6-digit pin code or your 4-digit unlock code (sent via text and in your app). Both will unlock the bike and you can return the cable lock to its holster.

Keep a Helmet Handy. Keep a helmet at work and home so that whenever you have the itch to ride, you’ve got everything you need. Same thing goes for some gloves and a scarf.

Bring a Bag. While the Healthy Ride basket won’t accommodate your cell phone on its own, our baskets are spacious and secure for bags of many shapes and sizes. Use the bungies on the basket to help further secure your belongings while you ride.

Say Your ABCs Before You Rent. It’s as easy as learning your ABCs… Check the air pressure in your tires by simply giving them a squeeze. Make sure your brakes are working. Consistently below freezing temperatures can cause cables to freeze, making your brakes unresponsive. Quick check the rest of the bike for any obvious issues. If a bike isn’t quite right, report it in the app and simply grab a different bike for your trip.

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