May 5, 2017

Northside Dream Team: Steven & Alichia

When we caught up with Alichia and Steven, they were about to start an 8 mile run. Alicia is training for her first full marathon. In fact, she is training to run two of them in just seven days of each other.

Steven, however, isn’t the runner in the family. He just wanted to find a way to keep up with Alichia and support her on her long runs. He started using Healthy Ride as a convenient way to pick up a bike and follow his wife through the city. He said it’s also how he gets in his own cardio workout.  

Alichia says her favorite place to run is, “Over here on the Northside. This is where I’m from. I can run down Brighton. I can go towards Lawrenceville. I can go towards East Liberty. I can run to downtown and anywhere from there – Southside – anywhere!” If you ever see Alichia trekking through the city, you’re sure to see Steven following close behind or just ahead setting the pace.

Prior to beginning these training sessions, Alichia was at risk for a handful of health issues including diabetes. Genetically this meant she was at risk of losing her eyesight. Alichia wasn’t going to let that happen, so she started training.

Since starting to run she noticed a change in her discipline. She says she’s more apt to waking up early to do her runs and she pushes herself. She says “People don’t realize it. Your body will do whatever you put your mind to.  When you properly train you can do it, and it’s all mental.” With Steven following along it’s just that much more motivating.


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