June 16, 2017

Where have all the docks gone?

As you may have noticed, things are looking a little different around the North Side and Downtown stations. The docks are disappearing! Healthy Ride is shifting gears and it’s all a part of introducing Healthy Ride 2.0. The first phase in a new era of bike share is beginning, and it’s all about making the system more reliable and user friendly.

We’ve learned a lot in our two years of operation, and we’ve been listening closely to your frustrations and suggestions. With all of that feedback in mind, we’re excited to launch The Pilot phase of Healthy Ride 2.0. During this launch we’re removing ALL the docks from ALL the stations. We’ve already removed docks at all 4 North Side stations and 2 Downtown stations. But the changes won’t stop there. Over the next few weeks, these changes will occur at all 50 Healthy Ride stations.

But don’t be afraid. You can still rent and return at all 50 stations. Riders will now be able to rent and return bikes using the cable lock attached to each bike. It’s super simple. It’s super convenient. And most importantly, it’s super reliable. Here’s how to do it:


Rent a bike with Keypad or App.
Use the nextbike app or type in your phone number and six digit pin code.

Enter your 4 digit unlock code.
You’ll receive this 4 digit code via text and it will appear in the app if you use it.

Pull lock from fork &  place in holder located behind the basket.



Line up your bike neatly at a station.
You don’t need to lock it to anything other than itself.

Put Down the Kickstand.
Otherwise… it will fall over.

Insert lock through fork.
The lock will immobilize the bike.

Press OK on keypad.

North Side and Downtown are just the first of many stations to lose their docks for The Pilot. Don’t worry though, these changes won’t affect your ability to ride. You’re still welcome to rent and return from any station even while we’re in mid-station change.

By the end of Summer we’ll have brand new Healthy Ride 2.0 racks which will give riders a place to hook up their bike, just to tidy up the area.  They’ll look something like this:

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Enjoy riding this summer, it’s only going to get better from here!

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