June 19, 2017

Top 10 Reasons to Bike TO Open Streets PGH!

Yes, we know that biking at Open Streets PGH is the absolute best thing ever. Hands down. But what’s even better is getting there by bike too. Even if you don’t own a bike or if your bike is in need of some serious TLC, it’s easy to avoid your 4-wheeled machine in favor of a two-wheeled ride on Sunday, June 25. In case you need a little extra convincing, here are Healthy Ride’s Top 10 Reasons to Bike TO Open Streets PGH:

1.IT’S CONVENIENT. Just grab your bike and go or find your nearest Healthy Ride station. With 50+ locations in 12 different neighborhoods you’re bound to find one that works for you. Need to set up a Healthy Ride account? Click here!

2.IT’S FLEXIBLE. You’ll find convenient bike parking all over the Open Streets PGH route. Whether you’re parking at one of the many city bike racks or at a Healthy Ride station, you’ll never be frustrated trying to find the nearest spot.

3.IT SAVES YOU $$. Don’t pay to park. Don’t waste gas. When you avoid the added fees, you’ll have more dollars to spend on food and fun. And Healthy Ride is only $2 per 30-minutes. Get UNLIMITED 30-minute rides by signing up for a Standard Membership.

4.IT’S AN ADVENTURE. Plan your route ahead of time to find the route that fits you best. Skip the fastest route on Google Maps and use the BikePGH bike map. Not only will you see recommended roadways for bikes, but you’ll also see access points to riverfront trails and some of Pittsburgh’s finest attractions.

5.IT SAVES YOU TIME. You’ll start having fun WAY faster when you don’t have to drive in circles trying to find a parking spot, just ride right in.

6.IT’S COOL. People that ride bikes have an undeniable cool factor. Be cool. Ride bikes.

7. IT’S HEALTHY. You’ll get even more activity points by avoiding the urge to sit in your comfy car seat. It’s a no-brainer for our avid Open Streets PGH fitness nuts.

8.IT’S FUN. Start enjoying Open Streets PGH the second you step out your front door by avoiding that snooze-fest of a car ride. A personal recommendation: bring your jam box along and cruise to your very own soundtrack. (no headphones, please)

9.IT’S SCENIC. When you remove yourself from the confines of your big metal box, you’ll notice things you’ve never seen from your car. Use the trails, take the back streets, take a moment to notice all the wonderful things and people you see along your way.

10. IT’S “ON BRAND.” Open Streets PGH is all about making Pittsburgh streets safe for biking and walking. Every time you leave your motorized vehicle in favor of your own 2 legs and/or 2 wheels, you bring the glory of Open Streets PGH to every roadway.

Still need more convincing? Biking to Open Streets PGH is the best. Just trust us. Do it.

© 2021 Healthy Ride Pittsburgh
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