July 10, 2017

See Pittsburgh Through the Eyes of a Trailblazer

When we caught up with Gary, an avid Healthy Ride user, he was about to catch a Pirates game with his family. Afterwards he was going out for a post-game ride along Pittsburgh trails – one of his favorite pastimes. This is just one of the reasons why Gary is our star trailblazing Healthy Rider. Gary regularly picks up a Healthy Ride and explores as far as he can snapping pictures along the way.

Not only has he explored the trails, but he took part in the Cycle to the Moon challenge riding to ALL 50 Healthy Ride stations in a SINGLE DAY. For that reason alone he was awarded an annual membership which he upgraded to a deluxe annual membership, cashing in on the unlimited 60-minute rides. Gary said his longest ride was 33.5 miles along Pittsburgh trails. (WOW! Way to go, Gary!)

Here’s his winnning photo after riding to all 50 stations!

Another joy of riding for Gary is the health benefits. “I’ve lost nearly 50 lbs, my blood pressure and cholesterol are down and I feel so much better.” Many of our regular users have expressed similar impacts to their health. Jeremiah lost 100lbs with biking and clean eating, and Alichia used biking as a way to prevent diabetes.

Along these trips, Gary takes photos when he catches a glimpse of Pittsburgh’s beauty. We’re lucky enough that he even shared them with us. He said his photos have inspired his friends and family to pick up a bike and  take the trip for themselves. Maybe they’ll inspire the itch to ride for you too!



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