July 11, 2017

6 Reasons to Join the NEW July #LunchLoop!


By: Robert Lunsford, SCA Fellow

We know that you’ve thought about it: What would happen if you were to go outside and enjoy the weather during your lunch break, instead of staying inside for the typical drab lunch? Would it be worth it to ride around Downtown to split up an otherwise boring workday?

I always look forward to the #LunchLoop as a sign of how close the weekend is. Additionally, the #LunchLoop is also oftentimes my exercise of the day, which helps me get home sooner by skipping the gym! Who wouldn’t get a workout riding from Lower Lawrenceville to Market Square, riding the #LunchLoop, and then riding back to my office from Market Square? Best of all, everyone who participates in the public bike ride is friendly and eager to give biking tips for anyone new to the biking scene!

Now more than ever, it is easier to get out and enjoy the mild summer weather to the fullest! We even have you covered with a public, pre-planned bike route that is hosted every second Thursday from now till October.  In case you need one final push to make the right choice, here are the top 6 reasons to join us for our #LunchLoop and ride a bike during your lunch break. 

1. Exercise

Because our pre-planned route usually goes from 30-45 minutes, it’s a great way to stretch your legs and be active without getting all sweaty before you go back to work. This can be used as a great way to stimulate your post-lunch work lull. Do not fear though, this is meant as a “no sweat, no stress” loop so that everyone can have fun.

2. Exploring

There are many sights to marvel in Downtown Pittsburgh, but because of the tall buildings and intimidating thruways, many of the wonders remain hidden from the casual pedestrian or car commuter. We can lead you on those trails less traveled, and even find places you have never seen before. Our July #LunchLoop will even take us to a NEW ROUTE, which will be revealed right before the next ride.

3. Meeting New People

What’s better than riding a bike during lunch? Riding a bike with a friend! On the #LunchLoop, you can meet a wide variety of professionals that all gather at Market Square for one thing, to bike! These urbanites come from a wide variety of places and occupations, and always welcome new participants.

4. Learn More About Urban Biking

Professionals from Healthy Ride and BikePGH lead the ride! If you have any questions about urban biking or using Pittsburgh’s own Healthy RIde system, we can easily answer your questions. You can even use the Healthy Ride bikes for the route so that you don’t have to worry about bringing your own.

5. Getting Fresh Air

In our previous route we looped through Point State Park, allowing us to gaze at the vast expanse of water that surrounds our city and enjoy the fresh air. NEW for our July route, we will have new places to ride! Where will we go? Even I don’t know!

6. It’s Fun

Riding a bike doesn’t only get your heart racing, but your adrenaline pumping also! Get out and have fun! It will make your day go by much faster.

Bring your coworkers and spread the word! Sign up at BikePGH’s eventbrite page, which can be found here. Remind your coworkers – it’s free to join the ride and we’ll have Healthy Ride bikes to rent so there’s no excuses. If you have any questions about the #LunchLoop, feel free to email [email protected] and we can answer it. Our next #LunchLoop is July 13th, so we hope to see you there!

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