October 13, 2017

#WomenWhoBike: Katie B.

We’re dedicating this October to celebrate #WomenWhoBike by highlighting some of the amazing women who bike in the Burgh. Stay tuned for a month full of women rider profiles.

Meet Katie B.

Katie’s Powerpose!

Why did you start biking?
My aunt did an annual 150-mike ride to raise funds for MS, and every year we would go wait for her at the finish line celebrating with our posters & signs. Everyone was celebrating and congratulating all the finishers. It was (still is) such an accomplishment and I thought it was so powerful, that my aunt was so powerful, for completing that daunting task. I wanted to be like her.

What is your favorite thing about biking?
When I was a first year student at Pitt, I worked at a daycare up in Mt. Washington. It took the exact same amount of time to bus from Oakland as it did to bike the trail, incline up, and bike the few streets over. I love spending as much time outside that I can and I love the freedom of not being tied to a bus schedule. I also love the community it brings. Because I bike I go to bike shops. I volunteer at FreeRide. And I meet tons of other cool people who bike.

What does biking enable you to do? 
Biking enables me to be my own person on my own schedule doing my own things. I don’t need to worry about parking a car or paying the meter, I can be more free from that anxiety. Biking has also enabled me to build confidence in ways I can’t describe. When colleagues or strangers hear that I bike as my main form of commute, immediately the response is awe. Sometimes I forget that my 25 minute ride to work is challenging –and not pleasant if it’s raining– but I enjoy the challenge. Everyday that I complete that challenge I feel powerful, just like my aunt.

Biking enables me to be my own person on my own schedule doing my own things.”

What would you say to women who are interested in biking, but haven’t been on a bike in years or may have never ridden a bike? 
Do it. Start on the Southside trail, or the residential alley that gets 2 cars an hour. Ride for 10 minutes, maybe around the block. Put the bike back in the garage, or return that HealthyRide. Think about what you did. You DID IT. Think about how it feels. Powerful. You’re powerful. Practice on the road for 20 minutes.  Feel your power. Practice commuting to work. Own your power. You are so powerful. You can do it.

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