December 18, 2017

Why I traded my bike for Healthy Ride this Winter

My first bike trip though Pittsburgh streets was back in May 2015 when the Healthy Ride system launched at Open Streets. Two years later, I’m a full-time bike commuter, riding at least 5 miles a day. My wallet is happy, my energy is up and I’m getting some mean cycling legs.

Like most cyclists, I’m madly in love with my bike. It’s light-weight, has many gears to manage hills, and is my favorite color (green)! However, this will be my first Winter as a bike commuter and I think I’m going to switch things up a bit. When Winter weather hits I’m trading my personal bike in for a Healthy Ride.

I know this may sound silly, but stay with me….

Healthy Ride Bikes are Built for Winter
Thick Tires: You may have noticed, but Healthy Ride’s tires are larger than standard bikes. This means they’ll give you better traction and help you push your way through slushy roads.

Fenders:  Speaking of slush, the fenders covering the tires will keep you from snow and rain backsplash. No one likes going to work with a splattering of snow and road dirt up their backside.

Visibility: Lights are mounted on both the back and front of our bikes. This will keep you visible all season long, even when it gets dark at 4:54pm.

Internal Gears: Healthy Rides’ gears are hidden internally so they won’t succumb to damage from snow and ice like your average bike.


Skip Winterizing Your Bike
You could winterize your bike with thicker tires or studded tires, put some fenders on, and call it a day. However, knowing Pittsburgh’s weather we’ll have an 70 degree day in the middle of December and suddenly I will want my lightweight road bike back to normal. For some folks, adding thicker tires or studded tires to their personal bike isn’t even an option due to frame size.

It’s not just about the hardware. Healthy Ride is good for one way trips. Some mornings I want to bike into work, but get off late at night and don’t want to bike home. With Healthy Ride I can bike to work and plan an alternative way home without worrying about how to haul my bike back.

No Extra Cost
Best of all, it doesn’t have to cost extra to switch to Healthy Ride. Now with your ConnectCard you can get unlimited 15 min trips. As long as you stay under 15 mins, your trip is always free.  For more on this exciting piece of info, visit.

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