February 5, 2018

What’s the right bike ride for your Valentine’s Date?

Have you started planning your Valentine’s Day? Where are you going? How are you getting there? What’s her favorite color?!? Don’t panic, we’ve made it a bit easier. Here are 8 suggested dates designed specifically for the type of romance you’re getting into on Valentines’ Day.

Date: You two have been together since… basically forever.

Ride: Time to do something new! Time to shake it up. Time to really turn up the volume. Where have you not visited? Let’s turn a traditional night out into a two-wheeled adventure. Explore a new part of town by bike and end up at one of Pittsburgh’s many wonderful restaurants. With stations in Lawrenceville, Shady Side, Downtown, Oakland, and beyond, you’re bound to have some great options. Remember – reservations are encouraged on one of the busiest nights of the year, so plan ahead!

Date: You’ve been dating this super cutie for just long enough that you’ve spent your remaining savings on a overstuffed pink unicorn for them, now it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re broke.

Ride: Lucky for you, Pittsburgh is absolutely gorgeous. Let the city do the romancing for you! Pick up bikes at North Shore Trail & Fort Duquesne Bridge Station on the North Shore and explore some Pittsburgh trails by bike. Cross over any of the 446 beautiful bridges in this city. Circle around the point for that sweet view of all three rivers. Remember: bike rides are half off on Valentine’s Day (you’re welcome), and the first 15 mins of each trip can be free too. Then bike home and cuddle. Cuddling is free.

Date: You’ve been friends for a while and you’re hanging out on February 14th, coincidence? Probably not.

Ride: Not sure if you’re in the friend zone? Bike to Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream in Shady Side (Closest Station: Alder & Highland) and fill up on sweet treats. Romantic sure, but order vanilla just in case. Still not sure if getting romantic is the right move? Hop back on your bikes. Pedal. Pedal hard; until your nervous energy is gone and your endorphins are pumping. Then you’ll be clear headed enough to make the next move. 😉

Date: You met at a social justice march and bonded over your dietary habits. That’s ovo-lacto-pescatarian, please.

Ride: For dinner, ride down to the Centre & Millvale Station in North Oakland and debate the social impacts of Chipotle vs Qdoba before ultimately choosing Chipotle, because duh – sofritas. Ride back up Liberty Ave and stop at the Big Idea Bookstore (Liberty & Millvale Station) to buy that cutie a new patch for their jean vest, or the latest book on economic justice. They’ll appreciate your chosen sustainable mode of transit.

Date: You met at the gym. Your eyes locked from across the sweaty gym floor as you broke a personal record, now your adrenaline pumps every time you see their face. Yinz bond over being active.

Ride: Working out indoors is cool and all, but step up the romance and bring your spin class outdoors. Since yinz are the competitive type, race along the Southside trails. Don’t stop there, test your new lover’s upper body strength at Ascend (Closest Station: 22nd & E Carson), then find a healthy meal along Carson street. Maybe OTB (Closest Station: 25th & E Carson) for a Healthy Ride Wrap?

Date: Tindr date.

Ride: Literally don’t stop riding around until you’ve decided whether this charming human is a serial killer or not. Stay safe. Stay public. Avoid waterways and the woods. Opt instead for a roll around Downtown. Grab a bike at Market Square, ride the Penn Avenue bike lane, hop over the Roberto Clemente Bridge and soak in some of Downtown’s beautiful views and bike lanes. If at any point it goes bad, return your bike at the nearest station and call it a day. If it goes well, see next option.

Date: Second Tindr date.

Ride: You still want to keep things basic, but let’s step it up a notch. You’re already in Downtown, so pop in Market Street grocery for a coffee or get even more serious with some drinks and apps at one of Downtowns awesome eateries.  

Date: Yourself.

Ride: Rock on, you ride wherever your strong independent heart desires. You don’t have to plan a thing. Hop on a bike at any Healthy Ride station and ride all day. Best of all, your ride will be half off, because Healthy Ride loves you.

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