May 11, 2018

How to Prepare for Bike to Work Day

Are you ready for National Bike to Work Day? On Friday, May 18th Pittsburgh commuters are taking to the bike lanes and committing to sustainable active transit, and we are too. Here’s everything you need to know to prepare for the big day:

Get a Bike

You have at least 500 bikes available to you in Pittsburgh at 50 different stations throughout the city. Healthy Ride is here for you. Best of all, you can rent bikes for FREE all day long for Bike to Work Day.


Have Your Own Bike? Tune it Up!

See any of the city’s Co-Ops to work on your own bike, or take it a professional at your local bike shop. You can also do a quick check at home reviewing your ABC’s.

A – Is there enough Air in the tires?
B – Are your Brakes working?
C – Is your Chain working and lubed?

If your bike has sat in the garage a few too many summers, remember there are 500 other bikes available to you through Healthy Ride.


Learn to Ride that Bike

How long has it been since you’ve ridden a bike? Was the last bike you rode a Ninja Turtles tricycle? Maybe you want to freshen up your biking skills at BikePGH Fundamentals Class. They have a class the Monday before Bike to Work Day just for you!


Pick a Route

Knowing your route will make you more comfortable as you kick off on your ride. BikePGH has map that includes all the bike lanes, trails, suggested on-street routes, and roads to avoid. Find it online, or snag a print copy at your local bike shop. You may also use the Healthy Ride map to see where stations are, and how many bikes are available as you head out on your commute.

Healthy Ride is also hosting 3 different Bike to Work Day Group Rides. Come out and ride with us!

If you live a little further out of town, consider a multimodal approach. Maybe you take the bus or T into town then hop on a bike from there. Just because you’re too far from the City to bike the entire way, doesn’t mean you can’t also participate in Bike to Work Day!


Check the weather

Okay, so it’s going to be a little rainy. Grab your rain jacket or a spare change of clothes and you’re good to go. A little water never hurt anybody.


Bring a Friend or Make New Ones

Finding a friend to ride with can make all they difference. There’s strength and visibility in numbers, and someone to chat with along the way.

Bike to Work Day Group Rides start in Bloomfield, Lawrenceville and the Northside. Each ride starts at a Healthy Ride station and ends at a BikePGH Commuter Cafe. Don’t see one starting in your neighborhood? Lead your own neighborhood group ride and tell us about it [email protected]



On your ride into work, stop at one of BikePGH’s Commuter Cafes for snacks, coffee and good company. Meet other cyclists and first time riders who value alternative transit, active lifestyles, or who simply appreciate cost-effective travel. After work, celebrate by taking the long way home.

With all this in mind, there is little stopping you from getting to work on a bike. See you out there!

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