August 1, 2018

How to use the NEW Healthy Ride stations

Have you seen the new stations around town? You may notice they look a bit different than what you’re used to. First off, they are much smaller (and therefore cuter) versions of our original 50 stations. Some stations have as few as 6 docks. Don’t worry though, if all the docks are filled, simply lock the bike to itself near the station, but please avoid blocking sidewalks and or other essential passageways.

New stations are also mostly what we call “analogue.” This means the large kiosks have been replaced by corn dog shaped signs with very simple instructions on how to rent and return. This simple and more cost-effective sign has allowed us to triple our expansion reaching more and more neighborhoods. It also means that not all stations will have ConnectCard linking capabilities. For a list of stations where you can set up your free 15 minute rides, click here.

Things look a bit different, but renting and returning is quite similar. Here’s how:


The easiest way to rent is by app.

  1. Download nextbike on android or iPhone.
  2. Register (unless you already have an account).
  3. Enter the bike number of the bicycle you want and hit rent.
  4. Enter unlock code that appears in your app and hit OK.
  5. Pull the lock out and place it in the holster.

* with the app you can also see a real time map with bike availability

No smart phone? No worries.

  1. Just call 412-535-5189
  2. Follow the voice commands to unlock your bike
  3. Pull the lock out and place it in the holster.


Returning is even easier. Simply put the lock through the fork until it is firmly locked through the wheel. Press the green “OK” button on the bike keypad. Wait for the keypad to say “RETURNED.” As we mentioned, the bike doesn’t not have to be in a dock, but it does have to be near a station and out of pedestrian and vehicular right-of-way.


Enjoy your ride!

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