August 9, 2018

#RideWithUsPgh: Meet La’Vette Wagner

Healthy Ride is gearing up to bring bikes to Homewood, the Hill District and Larimer. But before we move into the neighborhood, we wanted to meet some of our neighbors. Some just started cycling. Others grew up riding bikes with friends and family. Each person took us on a trip through their communities, pointing out where it’s the best place to live, work, play and ride.

Up next, La’Vette Wagner, a former Hill District resident and current field coordinator for the PHRESH Project. Come along and #RideWithUsPgh!

How long have you lived in the Hill District?

I lived there 22 years, but now live in Penn Hills. I have worked in the Hill District for seven years however as the Field Coordinator for the PHRESH Project. PHRESH is part of an ongoing study of the Hill District and Homewood, which examines the built and social environment, and documents to what extent changes impact residents’ health and well-being, diet, exercise, sleep, and heart health.

What’s your fondest memory about growing up in the Hill District?

Swimming in Ammons Pool, walking the Hill District streets and visiting friends. My brothers had the coolest bikes, which we would try to ride as often as we could to explore our neighborhood.

What year did you start cycling?

I started cycling again just last year.

How long have you used the bike share program, and how do you use the bikes?

Since June and I have hosted two outdoor rides! I work as a community ambassador for Healthy Ride and get to help plan learn-to-ride classes, coordinate registration events at businesses and organizations on the Hill and lead group rides. Plus, each week a representative of Healthy Ride will be stationed at the Thelma Lovette YMCA to answer questions and gather feedback on the proposed stations.

What are your favorite places to bike in the Hill District, and why?

Centre Avenue! Biking this main roadway gives you such a great view of the neighborhood.  People in the Hill District are so vocal when you ride! Everyone knows everyone, so they cheer you on regardless if you are riding for fun or in a competition. I love it.

Complete the following sentence. I love Healthy Ride’s bike share program, because…

It’s easy and fun to use!


With seven stations planned for neighborhoods in the Hill District, Healthy Ride has been attending neighborhood meetings, hosting pop-up feedback stations, and tabling at community events throughout the Spring and Summer and we’ve adjusted many of the locations to fit the needs of local residents. And we’re not done yet! Check out our Expansion Page to provide feedback and see upcoming public meetings and check out our Facebook Page for upcoming Group Rides!

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