August 14, 2018

#RideWithUsPgh: Meet Donnie Kyte

This Saturday, Healthy Ride Pittsburgh is rolling through the Hill District! So if you plan to participate in The People’s Office Uphill 5K, check out the route in advance by bike. We’ll get warmed up with a ride through the community, led by Healthy Ride Community Ambassador La’Vette Wagner for a bike ride along the route. Bring your own bike or request a free Healthy Ride bike for the event by registering through Eventbrite. It’s a great chance to meet members of the community, like Donnie Kyte. We caught up with Donnie for our next #RideWithUsPgh profile!

How long have you lived in the Hill District?

30 years! One of my favorite childhood memories is bike riding with my childhood buddies.

How long have you used the bike share program, and how do you use the bikes?

I’ve used the Healthy Ride bikes for the past two years. I use Healthy Ride bikes for exercise, which I get a lot of biking the hills the Hill District is known for.

What are your favorite places to bike in the Hill District?

The Hills of course! You can start at Freedom corner and bike uphill.

What would you say to your neighbors to encourage them to use the bike share program?

I would encourage them to ride a bike to get in shape. While they workout, they’ll also enjoy the ride and enjoy exploring their community.

Complete the following sentence. I love Healthy Ride’s bike share program, because…

It improves your health.


With seven stations planned for neighborhoods in the Hill District, Healthy Ride has been attending neighborhood meetings, hosting pop-up feedback stations, and tabling at community events throughout the Spring and Summer and we’ve adjusted many of the locations to fit the needs of local residents. And we’re not done yet! Check out our Expansion Page to provide feedback and see upcoming public meetings and check out our Facebook Page for upcoming Group Rides!

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