October 1, 2018

#RideWithUsPgh: Meet Amber Sloan

Did you know Healthy Ride expanded not only bike stations throughout the city–we expanded our team! Community Ambassadors in Homewood, Larimer and the Hill District took their neighbors for a ride and educated them about bike safety. They organized group rides, helped people gain confidence on city streets and raised awareness about the benefits of biking.

How long have you lived in Homewood?

I lived in Homewood my entire life.

What’s your fondest memory about growing up in the city?

As a kid, we would ride down near the river and see what animals we could spot. As an adult, I ride for exercise. It’s a great tool for communities to get in shape.

Why did you start cycling?

I can’t remember when I didn’t bike. I started when I was a little kid.

How long have you used the bike share program, and how do you use the bikes?

I’ve been using Healthy Ride bikes for about five months. I can’t wait for the bike station to come to Homewood!

What are your favorite places to bike in Homewood?

Everywhere! The great thing about Homewood is it’s flat, which means almost everyone, no matter their skill level, can jump on a bike and go.

What would you say to your neighbors to encourage them to use the bike share program?

It’s a great way to workout, get around and have fun.

What can people expect if they go on a group ride with you?

We’re going to have a great time. Along the way, I’ll show them Homewood past and present. There’s a lot of history here.

Complete the following sentence. I love Healthy Ride’s bike share program, because…

It’s how I fit exercise into my life.


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