October 4, 2018

Bike or Treat is BACK and more ~*Sp0OoOo0ky*~

Join the hunt… if you dare.

Bike or Treat Scavenger Hunt is BACK! This year your favorite spooky hunt is accompanied by a special Spooky Bike haunting the streets of Pittsburgh all October. If you missed the Bike or Treat photo contest, join the Scavenger Hunt. At 11am on Halloween the hunt begins, so make your lunch break a lot more exciting. Join the hunt and track down spooky prizes. 

Here’s how to play:


The Hunt Begins:

Beginning at 11am on Halloween, Spooky prize packages will be hidden in the dark depths of Pittsburgh’s favorite bike routes all over the city.

Get Clues:

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram Stories, or the Facebook event to find clues on where to look for these packages. 


Track down the packages and win free gear from Aerotech Designs, movie tickets from Rowhouse Cinema, gift cards from Eliza Furnace Bistro, and more candy than you could ask for.


Last chance…

When you find a prize package, post a photo of your winnings for one FINAL chance to win a one-of-a-kind special uber creepy prize.

Happy huntings, riders. MUAHAHahahah!!!

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