November 29, 2018

Happy 100th Station!

We did it! Yesterday morning we installed our 100th Healthy Ride station at Penn Ave & Winebiddle St in the heart of Garfield’s business district. We’ve been working hard since June to double our system footprint and we’re so excited to celebrate this launch with you all. We’ve filled in huge gaps in our network – like this one in Garfield along the Penn Ave corridor – as well as expanded bike share to new neighborhoods including Homewood, Larimer, and Squirrel Hill.

“People won’t walk more than a few minutes to use a bicycle to get where they need to go,” says David White, Executive Director, Pittsburgh Bike Share. “We needed to bring the service to more people by creating a ubiquitous network within our current footprint and start expanding to new neighborhoods.”

With 50 new stations and 200 new bikes, Healthy Ride also showed ridership gains this year. By connecting new areas of the city Healthy Ride experienced a 5% growth in overall ridership, with as strong as 30% increases in our busiest months of July and August. The most popular new stations were Burns White Center at 3 Crossings, 24th St & Smallman St, Butler St & Stanton Ave, Butler St & 36th St, and Smallman St & 24th St.

As we’re sure you’ve already noticed, the new stations also look a bit different than what was installed in the original network; Healthy Ride decreased the size of the stations while making a larger, more dense network of stations. Previously, stations had on average of 19 docking points at each stations, but the new stations have only 6 docking points. Smaller stations not only reach ridership demands, but also make it easier to install stations within residential neighborhoods and substantially decrease parking impacts.

“It’s all part of meeting the demands of Pittsburgh,” says White. “We’re not New York City or D.C., we’re Pittsburgh. We need more points for people to access bike share, but don’t need the mega stations that you see in America’s largest cities. We can take up less street and sidewalk space while still fulfilling the needs of neighborhood residents.”

And we’re not done yet! Healthy Ride will install 75 MORE stations by Spring 2019.

With the full expansion set for completion in Spring 2019, Healthy Ride will reach over 170,000 individuals within a quarter mile of a bike share station, nearly doubling the population served over years past. “Our mission is to bring affordable, convenient transit opportunities for all who travel in our city,” says White. “We’ve been working hard with communities to create valuable connections within our neighborhoods.”


The Complete List of New Stations:


Liberty Ave & Fisk St (Bloomfield)


Smithfield St & Fourth Ave (Downtown)
Wood St & Sixth Ave (Downtown)
Grant St & Strawberry Way (Downtown)
Seventh Ave & Liberty Ave (Downtown)
9th St & Penn Ave (Downtown)
Liberty Ave & 6th St (Downtown)
First Ave & Stanwix St (Downtown)
Ross St & Fourth Ave (Downtown)
Washington Pl & Centre Ave (Downtown)
11th St & Penn Ave (Downtown)

East Liberty

Penn Ave & The Village at Eastside Shopping Center (East Liberty)
Penn Ave & Negley Ave (East Liberty)


Friendship Ave & S Pacific Ave (Friendship)
Roup Ave & Friendship Ave (Friendship)


S Winebiddle St & Penn Ave (Garfield)
Penn Ave & North Atlantic Ave (Garfield)


N Homewood Ave & Finance St (Homewood South)
Hamilton Ave & N Lang Ave (Homewood South)
Frankstown Ave & Eastview St (Homewood West)


E Liberty Blvd & Larimer Ave (Larimer)


Butler St & Stanton Ave (Central Lawrenceville)
Butler St & 48th St (Central Lawrenceville)
33rd St & Penn Ave (Lower Lawrenceville)
Penn Ave & 39th St (Lower Lawrenceville)
Liberty Ave & 37th St (Lower Lawrenceville)
Butler St & 36th St (Lower Lawrenceville)


Arch St & Jacksonia St (Central Northside)
W General Robinson St & Chuck Noll Way (North Shore)


Semple St & Louisa St (Central Oakland)
S Bouquet Ave & Sennott St (Central Oakland)
S Bellefield Ave & Filmore St (Central Oakland)
S Craig St & Fifth Ave (North Oakland)
Centre Ave & S Craig St (North Oakland)
O’Hara St & De Soto St (North Oakland)
Forbes Ave & Craig St (North Oakland)
Tennyson Ave & Fifth Ave (North Oakland)
Ruskin Ave & Bigelow Blvd (North Oakland)
Frazier St & Dawson St (South Oakland)

Squirrel Hill

Hobart St & Wightman St (Squirrel Hill South)
Forbes Ave & Schenley Dr (Squirrel Hill South)
Wightman St & Forbes Ave (Squirrel Hill South)
Beacon St & Murray Ave (Squirrel Hill South)

Strip District

Smallman St & 31st St (Strip District)
24th St & Smallman St (Strip District)
14th St & Penn Ave (Strip District)
Burns White Center at 3 Crossings (Strip District)
Penn Ave & 29th St (Strip District)


Fifth Ave & Jumonville St (Uptown)
Fifth Ave & Miltonberger (Uptown)


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