December 10, 2018

Bundle Up! Cold Weather Riding Tips

With temperatures that don’t make you sweat, and beautiful foliage sprinkling the air, it’s no wonder people love biking in Fall. Even as Winter creeps in, plenty of cyclists enjoy peaceful snowy rides that keep them healthy and strong year round. If you’re new to riding, don’t let cool temps deter you from enjoying biking this season, simply layer up with these cold weather riding tips and you’ll be ready to conquer mother nature’s chill.


Layer up!

Don’t make the mistake of wearing a full down onesie, put on layers so you can adjust your temps as you warm up. If you’re new to riding in cooler temps, you’ll be surprised at how warm riding a bike will keep you. Most cyclists recommend wearing a layer of wool, because it keeps you warm while also providing a natural wicking of sweat and moisture. This is a great time to break out your sweater vest.


Cover your ears.

Even in mild temperatures cool winds can irritate your inner ear as you pick up speed. There are plenty of options for covering your ears that fit under or around your helmet. Cover up with a warm hat, a well adjusted scarf, or use our favorite – a cycling buff. Buffs come in all shapes, sizes and fabrics. Generally they’re perfect for keeping your head, ears and neck warm. Most can also be pulled over your mouth and nose to keep your face from getting too chilly. 


Cover your hands.

Your fingers are going to get the brunt of cool winds, so don’t forget to cover them! For cool temps, even a simple knit glove will keep you happy, and for below freezing temps you may want to consider something more substantial with padding. We love a lobster glove that keeps your hands super warm without sacrificing the use of all of your digits, like a mitten would. Once the snow or rain hits, using water proof gloves is smart. Fun fact: some biking gloves have a built-in cloth on the pointer-finger to wipe boogers. Cold weather makes everyone’s nose run. 


Stay Dry.

For new and established riders, riding in the rain or a bit of snow flurries can be intimidating. You can do it! The key is to stay dry and ride smart. Layer up with water proof gear and you’ll be on your way. Invest in water proof/resistant gloves and shoes (or shoe covers) that will withstand getting wet. We also recommend snow worthy cycling pants that can easily go on over whatever you decided to wear that day.


Stay hydrated.

Everyone know it’s important to drink water in Summer heat, but it’s just as important in Winter and Fall. Cold dry air pulls the hydration from your lungs with every breath. Drink water, tea, hot apple cider, honey water, Gatorade, anything that keeps you hydrated on your ride.

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