April 30, 2019

Oakland and Shadyside

Pittsburgh is home to several universities, three of which are based in Oakland. Oakland contains restaurants, shops, museums, and the Carnegie Library of Oakland. Neighboring Shadyside is a favorite place for students to live and explore, with business districts on Walnut St and Ellsworth Ave.


30 mins, some mild hills

  • Start at the Schenley Dr + Forbes Ave station and take Bigelow Blvd north until you reach Bayard St.
  • Continue on Bayard St until you reach Morewood Ave.
  • Take a right on Morewood Ave and continue until you reach Ellsworth Ave.
  • Take a left on Ellsworth Ave and continue until you reach Ivy St.
  • Take a right on Ivy St and return your bike at the Ivy St + Walnut St station. Explore the Walnut St business district.
  • OR continue straight on Ellsworth Ave and return your bike at the Ellsworth Ave + Maryland Ave station. Explore the Ellsworth Ave business district.


Check out BikePGH.org for the full Pittsburgh Bike Map.

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