June 24, 2019

Downtown Public Art Tour

Downtown Pittsburgh contains a great assortment of public art, and one of the best ways to see it all is by bike.

30-45 mins, flat terrain

  • Start at the 10th St + Penn Ave station. The Convention Center next to the station has some public art on the roof.
  • Take a right on Penn Ave and ride until you reach¬†7th St. Here are two spaces of public art: the Agnes Katz Plaza and Magnolias for Pittsburgh.
  • Continue on Penn Ave until you reach Stanwix St. Across from Gateway Plaza is Pipe Dream IV, also called “The Paperclip.”
  • Head left on Stanwix St until you reach Forbes Ave. Dismount and walk your bike on the Forbes Ave sidewalk to Market Square. Artists showcase their work year-round in this public space.
  • Walk your bike to Fifth Ave and make a left onto Fifth Ave.
  • Continue until on Fifth Ave until you reach Penn Ave.
  • Turn left onto Penn Ave and continue on until you reach Tito Way, which contains the Cell Phone Disco.
  • Continue on Tito Way until you reach Liberty Ave. Cross Liberty Ave to access the pedestrian street Strawberry Way.
  • Turn left onto Smithfield St, and then left again onto Seventh Ave. The side of the Liberty Ave Parking Garage showcases Yesterday’s Tomorrow.
  • Head across the street to Garrison Place. Continue on until you reach the Garrison Canal.
  • Head back on Penn Ave towards the Convention Center and end your tour at the 10th St + Penn Ave station.



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