June 25, 2019

Highland Park

The historic Highland Park neighborhood is a residential area with a business district located on Bryant St. The park is a popular place for people to bike, walk, and exercise year round.

30-45 mins, a mixture of flat and hilly terrain

  • Start at the Negley Ave + Stanton Ave station. Across the intersection is the Union Project, a former church transformed into a community space.
  • Head across Stanton Ave to Portland St. Continue on Portland St until you reach Bryant St.
  • Turn right on Bryant St. Explore the shops and restaurants located here.
  • Turn left onto Highland Ave. Continue on until you reach the entrance to the park.
  • Ride around the park in the designated bike lane on Reservoir Dr (please note that bikes are not allowed up on the path directly surrounding the reservoir).
  • Head back down Highland Ave until you reach Stanton Ave.
  • Turn right on Stanton Ave and then turn left onto Beatty St. The 700 block of Beatty St is home to the Alpha Terrace Historic District, a collection of houses built in the early 1900s (this area is technically in East Liberty).
  • Return to Stanton Ave and continue on until you reach the Negley Ave + Stanton Ave station.



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