June 26, 2019

Bloomfield, Friendship, and Garfield

This collection of neighborhoods has a mix of residential areas, several business districts, and a parklet around the Friendship Ave loop. 



15-30 mins, mostly flat terrain with some very mild hills

  • Start at the Taylor St + Liberty Ave station. Head east on Liberty Ave until you reach Millvale Ave. This area has many shops and restaurants for you to explore.
  • Turn left on Millvale Ave until you reach Friendship Ave. Turn right on Friendship Ave and continue on until you reach Atlantic Ave.
  • Turn left on Atlantic Ave and continue on until you reach Coral St.
  • Turn left on Coral St and continue on until you reach Winebiddle St.
  • Return your bike at the Winebiddle St + Penn Ave station and explore the Penn Ave business district.



Check out BikePGH.org for the full Pittsburgh Bike Map.

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