May 1, 2020

Meet the Staff: Chris

Meet the staff of Healthy Ride! We’d like to show you the faces of the team that keeps Pittsburgh’s bike share rolling. 

1. What is your role at Healthy Ride? When did you start working with Healthy Ride?

I work as a Field Service Representative for Healthy Ride and I started working for Healthy Ride in September of 2019.

2. When did you learn how to ride a bike? Who taught you?

I was pretty young when I learned to ride a bike and my father taught me. I do remember the first time I tried to ride without training wheels I ran into the Jaggerbush that was in my parents yard at the time.

3. What kind of riding do you like to do?

Most of the riding I do is for exercise or just for fun.

4. What’s your favorite trip to make by Healthy Ride?

My favorite ride is just probably riding from my place in Sq. Hill to the North Shore area and back.

5. What does a typical day at Healthy Ride look like for you?

My day typically consists of driving all around the Pittsburgh area moving and rebalancing bikes and servicing the stations.

6. Most memorable / fun / interesting thing you did or saw while on a Healthy Ride?

We do a lot of work bike rides after work and those are always fun.

In response to COVID-19

How are you staying active during your self-quarantine?

Well, I’m still working thankfully and when I’m not, I’m typically hanging out with my dog or working on my photography.

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