July 10, 2020

Meet the Ambassadors: Homewood Concerned Citizens Council

About Homewood Concerned Citizens Council

H3C works alongside and responds to residents’ concerns in the areas of Community Awareness, Public Safety and Community & Economic Development within the Homewood community. H3C is a partnership of residents, businesses, public, private professionals and stakeholders working together to enhance the quality of life for the people in the Homewood neighborhood through economic, civic, political, educational growth, and development. H3C does community engagement to communicate information that impacts the residents’ homes, Covid-19, and other community / residents’ concerns.

Norma Allen
Board President, born and raised in Homewood.  Lifelong member of Baptist Temple Church (3rd Generation) located in Homewood.  Previous member of Major Taylor Cycling Club.  Enjoys biking, singing, walking, photography, rock collecting.

Cherylie Blair Fuller
Director, resident and stakeholder of Homewood.  Retired Port Authority of Allegheny County. Member and Director Trinity Temple Church of God in Christ (Homewood)

Doris Keith
Board Vice-President, resident and business owner in Homewood.  Director Wellness Program H3C

Joanne Meadows
Board Member, Volunteer Living Wellness Program

Richard Keith
Consultant and Volunteer Living Wellness Program

LaWanda Long
Lifelong Homewood resident, Consultant H3C Community Outreach, Retired YMCA, Member of Harambee

Marylynn Berry Waller
Retiree Port Authority Allegheny County, Consultant and Volunteer Living Wellness Program

Why did Homewood Concerned Citizens Council apply to become a Healthy Ride Community Ambassador this year?

HCCC applied to become a Community Ambassador of Healthy Ride because of our engagement with the community and our working relationship with Bike Pittsburgh in the last two years. Participated and volunteer in the East End Bike Ride.

What are you most excited about for this year’s Ambassador program?

Being accessible to our community as Ambassadors. Bringing greater awareness to Healthy Ride and promoting its place in the community.

Where is your favorite place to bike to in or around Homewood?

From Homewood to Highland Park, Homewood to East Liberty and learning other destinations that will become adaptable to seniors and other residents.

Complete the following sentence. I love Healthy Ride’s bike share program, because…

The program can serve as a value added to the transportation system. Riders can very easily go outside of the neighborhood for shopping; park bicycles and continue with their connect card to return home with bags in tow on the bus if needed.

Any improvements you’d like to see in order to make Pittsburgh or Homewood a better place for people to bike?

Cycling 101 training for cycling knowledge and safety.


HCCC taking a ride through Homewood with Lead Ambassador Trey.

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