July 23, 2020

Ride with Us This Year! Virtually, of course…

How to access fun, accessible rides with Ride Spot

Over the past few months, Healthy Ride has actively monitored and responded both internally and externally in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our top priority is the safety of our riders and the communities in Pittsburgh (and beyond) that our riders call home. In order to further our commitment to rider safety, we will not be hosting any in-person riding events this year. However, we still want to provide you with a way of staying active, whether you’re using Healthy Ride bikes for essential trips or simply for some recreational fun during this challenging time. 

Lucky for you, Healthy Ride utilizes a mobile app developed by PeopleForBikes called Ride Spot to create unique routes that can be used by daily commuters, first-time riders, and anyone in between. 

A Brief Intro to Ride Spot:

Ride Spot is the digital hub for finding great bike routes. The app’s design allows for users to easily search for and follow routes–using features such as on-screen navigation and/or audible turn-by-turn directions to do so. 

Screen capture courtesy of PeopleForBikes Youtube

Ride Spot makes it simple for riders of all experience levels to confidently explore new places via bikes. And here at Healthy Ride, that directly aligns with our mission of expanding access to public transit by providing both affordable and equitable transportation opportunities to members of the Pittsburgh community!

Ride Spot Breakdown:

Don’t wish to create a Ride Spot account?:

  • Worry not! You are still able to view Ride Spot routes without creating an account
  • To view all of the current routes by Healthy Ride, click here 
    • And while you’re at it, follow us on social media (linked below) to receive the latest updates on newly posted routes


Interested in creating a Ride Spot account?:

  • Visit here to begin the Registration process
  • Follow the necessary steps to create your account
  • Once you’ve created an account:
    • Explore the ‘Discover’ page for routes in your area
    • Navigate to ‘Create’ to craft your own bike route
    • Search Healthy Ride in the ‘Who to follow’ section of the home page to find our unique Burgh routes 
    • Use other Ride Spot benefits like turn-by-turn directions, the ability to save/engage with routes, and access to rides all across the US


Already have a Ride Spot account?:

  • Sign in here
  • Once you’ve signed in, try:
    • Exploring the ‘Discover’ page for routes/events/challenges in your area & around the US
    • Navigating to ‘Create’ to craft your own bike route
    • Searching Healthy Ride in the ‘Who to follow’ section of the home page to find our unique Burgh routes



What to Do Next:

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to hear about future Ride Spot routes. Have a photo of you riding on one of Healthy Ride’s Ride Spot routes? Tag us using #BurghBikes for a chance to be featured on our social media! 

If social media isn’t your thing, subscribe to our newsletter here for more info about all things Healthy Ride. 

As always, stay safe and happy biking!

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