September 1, 2020

Parks Ride: Highland Park

This is the second ride in our Pittsburgh Parks tour. For this ride, we recommend starting from the Healthy Ride station at Negley Ave & Stanton Ave across the intersection from the Union Project. We’ve also made this ride from one of our Homewood stations outside of the Homewood-Brushton YMCA, which can lengthen the ride and use the bike lanes on East Liberty Blvd. Either way, it’s a fun part of town to explore, and Highland Park offers a scenic loop that you can take as many times as your legs can stand.

Leaving from the Negley Ave & Stanton Ave station head east on Stanton Ave. Make a LEFT onto N Euclid Ave, a small neighborhood street recently converted to a Neighborway, making it more accessible for people to bike, walk, and play safely. During this ride we got to cruise around two Neighborway traffic circles at Hampton St and Callowhill St that were highlighted for the pilot phase of this particular Neighborway. Each one provided a fun opportunity for flowering potted plants.

N Euclid offers an uphill climb to the park, but since it’s a low-traffic, low-speed street there’s no rush to climb the hill. Make a RIGHT onto Bunkerhill St and take another brief climb into Highland Park through the majestic, sculptural entryway on Highland Ave. It’s a perfect entryway to mark the victory of your uphill climb from Stanton Ave! Take a RIGHT to follow the natural loop that Highland Park offers from runners, walkers, and cyclists like yourself. During our visit we had a car-free loop that was dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists.

We took 2 full loops around the park to get our heart rates up and check out all the sites thoroughly. We also launched a piece of Baron Batch artwork as part of his #FREE artwork giveaway on Instagram.

From here, take a nearly pedal-free cruise down Highland Ave and make a RIGHT onto Stanton Ave. Take Stanton back to the original station at Negley Ave.

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