October 16, 2020

Ambassador Ride: BOOM’s Commute to Downtown

This year, our Ambassadors are using Ride Spot to create unique routes that can be used by daily commuters, first-time riders, and anyone in between. Learn more and start riding with us virtually!

On Wednesday, September 30th BOOM Concepts hosted on their second official ride of the season. The ride titled Boom To The Point was intended to show riders just how easy it was to commute from Garfield to Point State Park using bike infrastructure.

Riders had a chance to experience multiple forms of infrastructure including the Penn Avenue bike lane extension that is going to help close the gap from Penn/Liberty Avenue to the point. The commute was a brisk 4.7-mile ride downhill and mostly flat. Riders had a great time utilizing all the new infrastructure while reliving some childhood group ride experiences.

We had a few riders who were new to the Healthy Ride bike-share system. So riders also got a chance to experience the convenience of the bike share system for a daily commute. With rides starting at 2 dollars for every thirty minutes, our 30-minute ride would have cost them less money then it would to catch a bus and still walk to The Point. Many of our riders usually commute by car so it was nice to get them out and on a bike and get hands-on experience with the Healthy Ride system for the first time.

If you are looking to get a little more experience with some of the different infrastructure here in the city this is the route for you. The route utilizes sharrows and protected bike lanes giving the riders the experience of transitioning between infrastructure types and their levels of interaction with traffic. Please download the Ride Spot App grab a Healthy Ride bike and give it a try. Don’t forget to take pictures and tag BOOM Concepts and Healthy Ride on all social media!

Check out BOOM’s Commute to the Point, and follow Healthy Ride on Ride Spot for more Ambassador rides!

Learn more about how we’re using Ride Spot to create virtual rides.

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