October 19, 2020

Roll to the Polls on Nov 3!

Roll to the Polls with Healthy Ride on Nov. 3rd!

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a big election on the horizon. And that’s why Healthy Ride is trying to break down barriers to voting, by hosting a Free Ride Day on November 3rd. We know many of you have already voted by mail or dropped off your ballot in advance, but for those of you who are still planning on voting in-person on November 3, you know you have a ride.

Not a Healthy Ride station near your polling place? No worries. You can temporarily park your bike using the cable lock while you’re fulfilling your civic duty. The bike will still be on your account and unavailable to other riders, but with a Free Ride Day, you won’t be charged for any of it.


How to Apply the Voucher:

All riders must have an active Healthy Ride account in order to participate. If you don’t already have a Healthy Ride account, create one on our website, the nextbike mobile app, or call our Customer Support team 412-535-5189. Once you have your account set up, apply the voucher code:

Via nextbike app:
  • Log-in to your Healthy Ride account
  • Enter your Account Settings via the navigation bars
  • Click Redeem Voucher
  • Enter VOTE2020, and click redeem voucher
Via HealthyRidePGH.com
  • Log-in to your Healthy Ride account
  • Select Vouchers from the menu
  • Enter VOTE2020, and click redeem voucher

Voting Resources:

Register to Vote by October 19

Find your Polling Place

Voting at a Polling Place


Whether you voted via mail or at the ballot box, share your election ride with us using #Roll2PollsPGH on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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