November 10, 2020

Ambassador Ride: H3C’s “To the Woods, Not Through” Ride

This year, our Ambassadors are using Ride Spot to create unique routes that can be used by daily commuters, first-time riders, and anyone in between. Learn more and start riding with us virtually!

We decided to take our ride “To the Woods – Not Through the Woods” to Frick Park. Upon discovering that there are a few trails that the Healthy Ride bikes can travel, we thought we would try one of them out. To our surprise we are glad we did. Our pickup station at Homewood Avenue and Finance Street is a walk-up station with not much on-street parking available. Yet, it is at a great location opposite the Port Authority Homewood Station bus line.

The slightly up-hill ride along Homewood Avenue towards the Frick Park entrance at Reynolds Street was let us say the most challenging of the ride for this “Baby Boomer”. Those that can do ride up hill with some effort, like our volunteers that came along. We passed the Homewood Trail of the Park continuing to Reynolds and entered the Hawthorne Trail. The terrain is a bit rocky but was friendly and the Fall scenery is wonderful this time of year. The air was crisp and made for an enjoyable trek through the trail. The exit of the trail through Richland Lane to Braddock Ave is great, down hill of course. The Braddock Avenue traffic at 8am rush hour left much to be cautious about. We choose to take a left and exit onto East End Street below Braddock just to take in more scenery. Watch that downhill ride on Edgerton it is cobblestone and was the worst street of the ride. Would recommend not taking that street and following Braddock Avenue to Forbes and entering East End when there is less traffic.

Returning to Braddock Avenue to better interact with traffic at the corner of Penn Avenue is suggested. Ride with the traffic and stay as far left as possible. The share the road bike marks make it easy for those that are experienced as well as those returning to outdoor exercise. Following the road rules and designated bike signs assists in moving in and out of the flow of traffic much better; particularly when making the turn onto Finance Street to our return to the bike station. This is a ride that is a must for all ages. Take your bottle water a book to stop along the park on a good day, relax and enjoy the scenery. To and Through The Woods.

Check out H3C’s “To the Woods, Not Through” Ride, and follow Healthy Ride on Ride Spot for more Ambassador rides!

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