April 9, 2021

Introducing: A Community Coalition to Help Build a More Equitable Bike Share

Over the years, Healthy Ride has strived to be an inclusive resource for city residents and visitors, provide a fun and welcoming place to work for our small but mighty team, and be a supportive community partner. Recently, Healthy Ride’s Board of Directors and Staff refreshed the organization’s Mission Statement and Values in an effort to ensure we’re fulfilling our vision for serving Pittsburgh to our fullest abilities, and reflected on 5+ years whether our mission as we once wrote it still reflects what we’re trying to achieve. Thus, we prepared the following, updated statement:

The mission of Bike Share Pittsburgh Inc (dba Healthy Ride) is to provide Pittsburgh with a joyful, sustainable, and affordable mobility service for all residents and visitors.

See our full Mission and Values HERE.

After exploring the core values that hold up our organization, and reflecting on the importance of partnerships and community feedback, it was made clear that the voices of our staff are not enough when it comes to shaping the future of bike share in Pittsburgh. To be a good community partner means including community leaders into the very core of our organization and decision making. Thus, we established a Community Coalition of BIPOC leaders, community stakeholders, and Healthy Ride customers who are as passionate about Equitable mobility in our city.

Beginning in February 2021, and proceeding over the next 3 years, the Community Coalition will help:

(1) shape the footprint of our system and help to determine future station locations

(2) design a pricing model and registration process that is affordable and accessible for people of all income levels

(3) develop programming and promotions that are inclusive of historically marginalized communities and neighborhoods

(4) break down barriers to biking through creative partnerships and direct public outreach

(5) ensure equity and inclusion remain a central value at every level of our organization and programming

Biking isn’t going to solve some of the most pressing problems in our city or in our country, but we believe that bike share has the potential to be a powerful tool for change, and an inclusive, unifying mobility service. Through greater engagement and direction from this awesome Community Coalition, we hope to make bicycling in Pittsburgh an empowering means of mobility for all.

Are you passionate about your community and equitable mobility options? Want to join our Coalition? Find out more at healthyridepgh.com/communitycoalition

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