April 20, 2021

Meet the Ambassadors: Angela

About Angela

My name is Angela Le (they/them/theirs) and I am a current undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh studying ecology & evolution, and linguistics. I am a first-generation Vietnamese-American and I love to share food from my culture with anyone! I love picnicking, making earrings, music, and (obviously) biking!

How long have you lived in Pittsburgh?

I’ve lived in Pittsburgh all my life, growing up in the South Hills.

When did you learn how to ride a bike and who taught you?

I learned how to ride a bike when I was 7 with my older sister- I remembered she did the trick where she convinced me she was still holding onto the bike when I was riding for the first time.

How long have you used the bike share program, and how do you use the bikes? (i.e. you bike to work, school, church)

I’ve only been using bike share program since October of 2020, as with COVID-19 I was trying to find alternatives in same public transportation. I tend to use the bike for an assortment of things: recreational, work, groceries, errands (it is very versatile!!).

What are your favorite places to bike in Pittsburgh, and why?

Some of my favorite places to bike is from Oakland to Bloomfield, East Liberty, Lawrenceville, and the South Side. They are fun because the routes show you a great diversity of different parts of Pittsburgh!

Complete the following sentence. I love Healthy Ride’s bike share program, because…

I love Healthy Ride’s bike share program because it is an accessible and convenient way of transportation and improving mental health 🙂

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