June 16, 2021

Ambassador Ride: Angela’s “Let’s Bike to the Three Rivers Arts Festivals” Ride

On June 12, 2021, I led my first biking event to the Three Rivers Arts Festival! The riding event was primarily targeted towards college students, advertising a convenient, fun, and safe method of going from Oakland to Point State Park. Personally, this ride was very important to me to share with my fellow peers as, after a long full year of remote learning, many of my classmates’ physical and mental health suffered. I wanted to provide a COVID safe event that showcased local Pittsburgh artists to many of my peers who are not originally from the Pittsburgh area, while still providing them a medium for exercise and fun. In addition, it was important to me to take students out of the University campus area, as I often had trouble leaving this area that felt so convenient to me, as someone who worked and was a full-time student on campus.

Many of my peers gave me great feedback on the event. Abby Wuenschel, an upcoming senior studying biomedical engineering said, “It was fun to be able to get outside and ride a bike to the arts festival because I was able to get exercise and see the city from a different perspective”. Vicky Zhen, an upcoming junior studying nutrition said, “It was a really nice experience, I loved discovering a new bike trail to ride. The day was perfect for it”. Shad Alam, an incoming junior studying computer science said, “Wow, riding the city bikes truly proved to be a life changing moment for me. I will never look at transportation the same again.” Last but not least, Josh Nguyen, an incoming sophomore studying Art History on the pre-med track stated, “The biking event was a relaxing, well-organized event that allowed me to see more of the city of Pittsburgh through pedestrian/biker friendly trails. I enjoyed the festival at the end, which seemed like a reward after having biked so hard! Overall, it was a fantastic experience, and I cannot wait for the next one!”.

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