June 23, 2021

Ambassador Ride: Cheryl’s “Book Club to Bikes” Ride

Our ride “Book Club to Bikes” on June 11th was super fun! Out of eight, we had three apprehensive riders that did not want to ride. Unfortunately, we did not go far on the trail because we were being attacked by gnats! When we returned laughing and saying how much fun and easy it is to ride Healthy Ride Bikes, the apprehensive riders wanted to go out. To accommodate them and because of the short trail ride, we made a loop around via Carson Street’s bike lane.

Several bystanders watched us take the apprehensive riders riding and was there when we returned. The bystanders wanted more information – I gave them a tutorial on how to rent a bike on my phone and told them to give me a call so we could go on a ride in the future!

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