August 6, 2021

Ambassador Ride: Angela’s “Bike to Support Immigrant-Owned Businesses” Ride

This bike event is to support immigrant-owned grocery businesses in Oakland. This bike event is to not only support the immigrants in our community but share and learn culture with one another. It is also to promote food security for college students since Oakland is majorly on a college campus. Lastly, it is to showcase all of the ethnic grocery stores that carry products that you may not find in standard American grocery stores. This is important because many people who go to college are separated from the foods they eat at home and showing these stores, allows people to realize they can make the food they ate growing up no matter how far from home they are.

Elise Romero states, “Ang was a great instructor! I even hopped on a bike the next day and felt way more confident navigating both my bike and the road.”

Raeanne Heuler states, “Wow! I never knew there were so many grocery stores in this area. Oftentimes the grocery stores on campus are charged heavily but the stores that we stopped at were priced normally. I am moving to North Oakland soon so I will definitely be revisiting a lot of these stores! The bike event was really fun and I will definitely be biking to campus a lot this upcoming school year.”

Vicky Zhen states, “The bike trip was easy and fun and safe. Enjoyed exploring and supporting the immigrant run supermarkets. I got to try some good new snacks!”

For this bike route, we stopped at five stores: Las Palmas, Kohli’s, Sultan Bay, Bombay Mart, and Seoul Mart. These businesses have all made their presence throughout the Oakland area and offer a diverse set of products that you can not find in your typical American grocery store. In addition, they are all locally owned!

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