September 2, 2021

September Ride Challenge: Bike Infrastructure BINGO

Take a ride throughout the city for a chance to win some fun prizes! This month, go explore the city and find as many different bike infrastructures that you can to fill up your BINGO card.

Take a picture of yourself at each location as you fill the BINGO card and send them over to [email protected], along with your completed card. There will be three winners: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place! The first person to complete a row and send their pictures + card will be 1st place, then second and third place for those who complete it afterwards. Prizes include a BikePGH membership in a bottle, a BikePGH merch bundle, and a Healthy Ride merch bundle!

Check out the BINGO card below! Click on the card then “save image as” to download your own.

We’re looking forward to seeing our winners! Have fun on your scavenger hunt and remember to ride safe!

© 2021 Healthy Ride Pittsburgh
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